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Electromechanical exchange changes can be bought in rectangular relay / ice-cube relay, plug-in exchange, octal relay, energy relay, dangerous venue (HAZLOC) exchange, latching exchange, lean / cards relay, decorate mount, plug install and DIN train exchange trends to be used in many of process control services

October 9th, 2021
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  • Slim Interface Relays
  • Power Guided Relays
  • Sq Relays / Cube Relays, Plug-In, 3A – 15A
  • Octal Relays, Plug-In, 10A – 16A
  • Electrical Power Relays, Open-Style, 40A
  • Dangerous Venue (HAZLOC), Plug-In Relays, 3A – 12A
  • Latching Relays, Octal, 16A
  • Trim / Card Relays, 5A
  • Electromechanical relays start at classic dating sites free $4.50 (781-1C-24D)

    Solid-state Relays (SSR)

    A sound county exchange alter happens to be a controls relay with separated enter and result, whoever functionality are generally attained by method of electric components without having to use moving parts such as those in electromechanical relays.

    These automated relays are perfect for solutions with lots of call closures since solid state relay switches promote a substantially prolonged living than electromechanical relays.

    • Panel Install Relays, Hockey Puck Elegance,10A – 75A
    • DIN Rail Install Relays, 8A – 65A
    • Socket Bracket Relays, 4A
    • Risky Area (HAZLOC) Relays, 8A, 10A, 15A

    Solid-state relays begin $17.50 (AD-SSR610-DC-280A)

    Optocoupler Relays . New!

    Murrelektronik optocouplers and semiconductors are acclimatized to combine various indicate ranges or to identify one indication from another. Read more…

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