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why have we not killed these pirates?

April 12th, 2009

jollyroger1Once again America is losing face in an international conflict that should have been swiftly and efficiently resolved. Have we gone mad? Instead of letting the military do what it does best, our fearless leaders have sent F.B.I. negotiators to try and talk a small band of pirates out of holding an American captain hostage. 

The entire terrorist word is watching how this situation is being handled, and I must say, they can only be emboldened and encouraged by what they are seeing. 

The United States Navy and Marines have a long history of dealing with this type of threat, their very founding was encouraged by the prospect of neutralizing the threat of pirates off of the cost of Tripoli. When France refused to deal with the issue, in one of their first missions the United States Marines cleaned house and cleared the way for safe passage. 200 years later, oh so much has changed, now it’s France that is showing its mettle by being the only nation that seems to be taking the swift and appropriate military response to this situation.

Right now America is being punked by a handful of lowlifes in a lifeboat surrounded by more firepower than most countries posses in their entire arsenal. This is the first time in 200 years that an American vessel has been seized by pirates and the perfect opportunity to show the world that the American people mean business when taking care of our own. Why are we allowing these pirates who are in no position to bargain, to call any shots or make any demands?

Barack Obama needs to be more vocal about this situation. When asked about the pirate standoff multiple times by the press he has refused to comment, asking them to stay on topic and only ask questions about the economy. Excuse me Mr. President, but I doubt  I only speak for myself when I say that the economy can wait a day when it comes to bringing home an American citizen who is in distress. This man deserves a statement, this man deserves to be the topic. The life of Capt. Phillips is more important than an economic briefing, and especially now when the American public feels left out in the cold, it would be a comforting and unifying thought to know that no matter what, the President of the United States has our backs, and is willing to publicly say so.

I am not suggesting that Obama should relay the strategic tack of the operations to the press, but a simple, “The United Sates will do everything possible to get this man safely home, and I am closely monitoring the situation. Let it be clear that we do not negotiate with terrorists, and the only positive outcome for these pirates will be the safe return of Capt. Phillips.”

Instead we get, “No comment.”

And now it has been reported that the F.B.I. is investigating the pirates for “potential charges” if and when they are caught. Are you kidding me? Seems to me a fitting end to this misadventure would be the pirates’ bodies floating face down in the Indian Ocean and our guy enjoying a nice cold beer on the deck of a U.S. Navy destroyer.

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