April 1st, 2009

After a few years and a lot of changes, cannedjam.com is back; decidedly political, mildly amusing and altogether a good time.  Those of you who were once faithful readers of this site will recognize its style, enjoy its substance and completely disagree with everything written within (well about 50% of you). 

This site aims to offer political commentary, personal appeal, and an outlet for you to let me know exactly how wrong I really am, however, I assure you that will rarely be the case. 

As I find myself once again in desperate need of a hobby, and those around me have become tired and weary of my incessant political ramblings, the prospect of reviving this once great outlet has become far too great for me to ignore, so I rechristen this site in the vein of my political and personal incoherencies, and promise you, my future faithful reader, a worthwhile distraction from your mundane work day, if only for a few moments.

By all means feel free to kick back, relax, and stay a while… 

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